Locavore Challenges

I only wish we could eat and live as locavores, knowing that what we consume comes from within a 50-mile radius. Wouldn’t that be great? In theory, better for the environment, better for our wallets, better for our health (and, often, taste buds). Heck, the dream would be to grow and raise 90% of our food.

But we’re living with limitations. Not saying this as an excuse; just stating a fact. Time, money, space, and happiness (ie raising Hadley, loving on the kitties) are all important factors. Y’know. What they call “reality.” Damn you, Reality.

So, instead, we try to find locavore haunts whenever possible; restaurants that serve locally-grown and/or -raised food. Even those that just serve SOME locally-sourced foods works for us. We’re not picky.

It was pleasantly surprising to see how easy it was to eat almost completely locally when we were in Vermont (I heart the Vermont Fresh Network!). And it’s awesome to see more places that do serve local fare and support farmers and other local providers. But, in our neck of the woods, things are still…um…lacking. So, there’s one “challenge” as referenced by this post’s title. Clever, eh?

That being said, this makes it easier to “challenge” myself to try to review what locavore joints we DO have in the Mohawk Valley and surrounding areas. We eat out so infrequently, don’t expect this to be a weekly thing, but this should be a good way to push us to try out some establishments that we’ve heard about but haven’t put on our “go here next” list.

Plus, you know we love supporting places that follow this trend when traveling, too, so you never know what joint we’ll try next. Be sure to “like” Meg, Acting Out on Facebook if you have any suggestions of places we should try, be they in Utica or Cooperstown, Burlington or Boston.

Oh, and one cool point of my reviews? The hubs and I always order different entrees. You know I always steal a bite…or two.

Speaking of hubs, check out his blog about our little one’s night terrors lately. They’re no joke (but I like to think that he won’t be psychologically damaged in the long run…I hope, at least).

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