New Year, New Start?

So many folks are saying “I’m not doing a New Year resolution”, adding that there’s no reason — whether it’s too easy to falter (and feel bad about yourself) or any number of bummer reasons not to. While I’m on the same wagon — not really claiming a resolution — I’m trying to keep it positive. “I’m not doing a resolution BECAUSE I’d rather focus on the positives rather than the negatives.”

We all know it’s sometimes easier to focus on the crappy stuff and wallow in misery (particularly when those around you are doing it, too) than to try to shovel the crap out of the way and climb atop the pile, victorious. Ew. Crap pile climbing. Man, am I good at creating a visual, aren’t I? Regardless, it IS easier to be “glass half empty” than “glass half full.” Probably why so many people find optimistic folks to be downright irritating.

I’m not naturally a pessimist, nor am I by nature an optimist. I guess I’m a realistic idealist. That means about a million things, but boils down to the fact that I try to stay planted firmly on the ground but allow myself to dream and, hell, even wish things could be different. A little bit of positivity with a healthy dose of negativity to keep my head from floating away, I suppose. It can be tough, though, beating myself down so much. Besides, it’s not like other folks don’t already try to do that.

So, I’m not saying that I can altogether change the fiber of my being this year. Wouldn’t THAT be something? Definitely just as hard as the traditional resolutions. But, I do HOPE to be more conscious — aware of the fact that I LET others influence me too much, that I SHOULD allow myself to wish and dream and hope (one day, my thoughts may just land on what I need most), that I need to be less “down” upon myself. Ultimately, to let more good in and let a whole lot of bad out.

A different mindset. After all, isn’t the new year all about a fresh start? A re-charge, as it were? At least, I think so.

P.S. I’d like to say I made a new collage this year, but it’s a miracle to get a shower (or, our latest issue, to get the baby to take a nap…even a 15-minute one…he HATES going to sleep). Besides, I like the ones I made a couple of years ago so much that I’ve decided to keep them right where they are. They remind me of all we’ve accomplished, as well as help me focus on that which we have not. Pretty helpful, and cool-lookin’ to boot.

P.P.S. By the way, I didn’t do resolutions last year, either. As you can see. Ha. Still wanna get a better grasp on my finances — do have ONE goal, but I’ll get into that later — and it’s transcendent of time.

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