House of Boxes

If I didn’t already have a blog name, I think that’d be it – “House of Boxes.” Lately, we’ve had an influx in the box department, mostly thanks to a) baby stuff that I’ve purchased and b) the insanely generous friends who’ve been sending us gifts. Actually, the boxes seem to come from other areas, too, but it’s mostly baby-related. It’s to the point where I kinda forget they’re there. If you were to walk in our front door and take a quick walk around the joint, here’s a real-life example of what you’d see (note I did NOT clean up before your little visit; and Photoshopping is minimal, aside from the arrows)…
House of Boxes - image  on“Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain”…er, rather, the tray full of carbs on the table. That’s actually what we’re calling it. Needless to say, I’ve stocked up on goodies for when the baby comes (for us…not the kid).

House of Boxes - image  on http://megactsout.comSome of the most popular books at school are the “search and find it” kinds (I Spy, Where’s Waldo?, Can You Find It?…yep, real literature). I could make an entire book out of this shot of our living room.

House of Boxes - image fb8d1-droom on
One’s empty…one contains the new dining room table we bought *ahem* after Christmas. ‘Tis my fault. I’ve usurped the old dining room table with my sewing stuff (as you see on the right) for awhile. My poor husband.

House of Boxes - image  on http://megactsout.comBeer box! We’ve had that one for awhile. Oh, and that pack ‘n play box will hopefully be empty soon. We’ll see where it will live, though.
Why do we keep boxes? Well, in a word, kitties. They love ’em. That beer box (Sam Adams, FYI) in the last picture above has been around for a long while, hosting plenty of kitty play dates and near-fights. The huge one (for our changing pad) taking over the living room, believe it or not, isn’t the biggest we’ve kept hanging around the living room; the humongous ottoman one was their lair for quite awhile. When we cut it down, apparently the charm had yet to wear because the saucer eyes we received broke our hearts. Let’s just say that its carcass (a “pyramid” of cardboard left behind) lives in the office for chewing and rubbing.

Oh, and the cat food box (we order their wet food online) is mostly Winston’s, and yes he will curl up in it and wait for you to “take him for a drive”. (It’s been interesting to do with a big belly in the way, let me tell you!) Jasper has curled up in it a few times, but doesn’t like rides. Wee Wee prefers a storyline and description of where we’re going. So, y’know, sometimes it’s a casual “let’s head to the farmers’ market” sort of day, while other days are “it’s a night on the town, let’s pick up some ladies”…with the occasional strip joint or club. Can you tell I’m the one who comes up with those colorful scenarios? Yyyyyep. I’m gonna be a mommy! Mwahaha!!

So, while I’m totally going to pick these boxes up (most of ’em) now that I’ve written about them, you should know that any given visit at our house may involve boxes. What can I say? We love our boys. 🙂