Woohoo! Happy Blogiversary to…well, me! Wow, how conceited. Sorry, I’m just a tad excited about the fact that I’ve been over-sharing here at MAO for two years. I’ve even reached my 200th post! (If you like to play mathematician, that’s approximately 100 posts per year. Hooray for easy math! And I really should double those numbers.)

Man, a lot’s happened in those two years! We got married (a better description of our wedding festivities can be found here)…our family grewthen grew s’morethen we got outnumbered (okay, it’s starting to get out of hand now)…and, finally, it’s baby time. And think of what’s to come – I’m turning the big three-oh (if I don’t write the numbers, it’s not real, hee hee) very soon, and riiiiiiiight after school lets out, we should be welcoming our new bundle of joy. HUGE life changes. And you’d better believe that I’ll be writing about it all left ‘n right.

There’s lots that I could do to “celebrate” the blog’s birthday. Look at the numbers of readers and squeal over the fact that folks from all over the world have stopped by (seriously, places that I couldn’t pin on a map). Bake an organic cake and blow out a couple of candles. Do a happy dance with the cats…although Jasper would probably be the only one who’d be down with that. Drool over the fact that I’ve had over 9,000 page views…over 600 in the past month (it’s the little things that impress me).

But I’d rather just take a moment to shout a huuuuuge “THANK YOU!” from the bottom of my heart, just for reading my musings, even when I’m in grouchy mode or don’t finish a bathroom redo for countless months or get on my all-natural high horse. I adore the fact that folks read, regardless. It means the world to know that I’m not just writing for myself – although I’d still enjoy it. I do loves me some writin’…or else I wouldn’t be doing it, of course!

So, beyond saying “thank you,” I want to ensure that I keep any readers and potential followers happy. That being said, I’d appreciate some Blogiversary Back-Talk. Call it constructive criticism. Call it a virtual suggestion box. Call it “what would I rather read” feedback. Whatever we call it, I call it a huge help as to determining the direction of the blog, and it helps provide some focus.

Here are some suggestions of questions/ideas that you can respond to in the reply section. If Blogger is being naughty (as it often is!) and won’t let you reply, feel free to leave a message or comment on my Facebook page. Whatever way that you choose to get information to me (I’ll keep an eye out for homing pigeons), it’s greatly appreciated!

– What are your favorite parts about the blog? Your least favorite?
– What topics do you look forward to reading about?
– How do you feel about the design, organization, and appearance of the blog?
– Would you read more if I posted more?
– How do you feel about baby stuff? How much/little will you want to hear when they make their arrival? (Same goes for cats…too much? Too little? Just right?)
– Do you just read for the amusement factor, or are you interested in green living or DIY (which I’m hoping to do more of) or what?

In the past, I’ve heard “Just keep doing what you’re doing”, which I appreciate hearing…but with a tad more information, I can streamline what I write and remind myself of reader interests. It matters! And it’s appreciated, lots!! So please, over-share as much as I over-share.

(On a side note, this week is my mom’s birthday…my niece’s birthday……and next week is mine! 😀 So, my blog’s in pretty good company. Fine ladies, fine ladies.)

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