Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day - image  on http://megactsout.comThis year, I’m all about Valentine’s Day. Who knows, next year I may not be – I’m an ever-changing person who has a hard time ever making her mind up fully about…well, much. The important things (like a husband…kids…), pretty good with. The little stuff like “how do I feel about Valentine’s Day?” – eh, we’ll see.

Last year’s day o’ love was pretty crappy. I don’t recall whether I went to school, but I know that I felt AWFUL. That night, we were in the car, on our way to our favorite “only for special occasions” place to eat, when I knew we had to turn around. Neither one of us was going to enjoy it. It took months to finally get there for our “Valentine’s Day dinner.” Huge bummer.

This year has already gone smashingly. I’ve learned that, although Dave’s not a mushy guy by any means (sensitive in his thinking, yes…mushy, no), he’s got a romantic streak and seems to love showing it…when appropriate. 😉 We don’t discuss our feelings a whole lot, so it’s awesome to take some time out to communicate it, and to know you’re appreciated. Plus, this year, we’re sharing an extra special type of love — and enjoying the last semblance of peacefulness in our relationship before parenthood.

Every girl likes getting a flower. Heck, some even love it. While I’m by no means a girlie-girl, I AM a girl, after all…and I, too, enjoy gettin’ me a flower or two.

What’s even cooler is when you get a gift that millions of other people on Earth would probably roll their eyes over, hate to receive, or simply be puzzled by – but which I adore. This morning, after I got my sweet, sweet card and just as sweet pink rose (it’s a good thing pink is growing on me ;-)), I was given the third season of “Avonlea”, a TV series that I watched when I was a kid that I still LOVE to this day (which, of course, isn’t in reruns anywhere). It’s one that I’ve insisted our children watch, and strangely enough, Dave has grown to like it, too. (Mostly when a certain character is in the episode. He’s a Jasper fan. Any idea where I thought of our third little boy’s name?)

Even without our awesomesauce dinner plans tonight, I’d say this is one of the best V-days I’ve ever had. Knowing that the hubs truly knows and appreciates me (and who I am – I mean, seriously, “Avonlea”?!) just. Makes. It.

Oh, and I can’t say what I GOT for him (since I’m giving it to him this evening…and it’s more of a “made for” thing than “bought”), but I can tell you that I made him a card. Half of you will think that’s sweet…half of you will think I’m a 6-year-old. I’ll post a picture soon so that YOU can be the judge. 🙂

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day (which, by the way, is not a “made up” holiday…if it was, then I suppose you could say that ALL holidays were made up by someone ;-); my opinion just so happens to sway in the middle – it was originally a pagan fertility holiday that was merged by early Christians to represent a day to honor St. Valentine (or any variation of the name)…the old jail story’s a good one, too, though) and were able to take time to enjoy and appreciate the love in your life, from wherever it may come.

On a sentimental side note, this day has always been a bittersweet one for a seemingly random reason. My thoughts are inclined to sway into memories of my grandfather on Valentine’s Day. He was one of several men whom we considered our stand-in father (along with our brothers, and eventually a step dad). He wasn’t obligated to do anything special for my siblings and I, but he always went above and beyond the call of normal grandfatherly duties to make us feel special, and to teach us what a true gentleman should look like. As young children, he used to get my sister and I (and, if I recall correctly, my mother) each a huge box of chocolates with which to celebrate the day. Of course, now I’m a crying pregnant mess, but it reminds me of how special he made us feel, and how lucky I am to be married to just such a gentleman.