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If there happens to be any individuals still in existence that attended HCCC with me (*gasp* over a decade ago), and happened to take our awesome public speaking class, they’ll see that blog title and mentally jump to a speech I made. See, I was diagnosed as being bi-polar at the time, so had done a lot of research to understand it better. I felt that others also needed to understand its stigmas and misinformation. Strangely enough, since then I have discovered that I was simply experiencing good ol’-fashioned depression. I digress…

Let’s take a quick field trip, shall we? Those were always fun — until someone got sick on the bus. Luckily, this is a virtual field trip, so no nausea goin’ on, unless you’re preggers like me.

First, check out this House Tour at Making It Lovely. I’m not an avid reader of MIL, probably because I gravitate towards bloggers that focus, sure, on incredible design, but that also…well, have lots of flaws. The glossy, magazine-like inspirational blogs are awesome (don’t get me wrong!), but they’re not daily reading for me. I suppose I prefer reading stories, and seeing progress, and knowing that mistakes and wrong turns were made before reaching a gorgeous final product. In  short, the glossy ones take my self esteem down a few pegs. I need all the SE I can get. (Maybe I just need to read back further on this blog and I’ll find their warts. Hey, I WANT to be a fan!)

(If you don’t want to come *cough cough, spoil sport, cough*, here are a few pictures to help with the visual. These by no means belong to me; I have linked the sources! Honestly, there’s much better eye candy at the links provided in my text.)


Anyhoo, after checking out MIL’s house tour, well, I actually drooled and said “Ahhh!” out loud. Sure, they’re not done with their space yet, either, but the design and inspiration that’s there is insane. I see it as bold, gutsy, colorful, modern-yet-vintage (hello, mid-century furniture!), patterned, and jealousy-invoking. It actually reminds me a bit of our friend B+B’s space, which always leaves me feeling inspired…and incredibly bland, myself. I adore this space and think, “If I asserted myself and got over my design bipolarity, I could do that. Possibly.”

Secondly, I shall drive the yellow bus over to Layla and Kevin’s space over at The Lettered Cottage. *sigh* This is clearly a different space. It’s so different, it’s on another planet. Y’know, if Neptune consisted of nothing but light, bright, vintage charm. This is what inspired me to purchase a white slipcover for our living room couch. No matter your style, you’ve gotta admit that it’s gorgeous.

The third “visit” is to House*Tweaking. It’s the closest style to my house’s current wardrobe – well, kind of. I think that the earthiness and eclectic vibe is the direction in which my little design vehicle has been steadily driving. Some of the rooms are comparable to a few of ours; others are GORGEOUS and mine can’t touch ’em. Strangely, though, when I look at their spaces, I think of the concept of wabi-sabi, which I’m interested in incorporating in all aspects of our life here. It’s definitely a “make do with what you have” method, but with lots of style thrown in. Good to know they’re compatible, at least.

(Ohhh, this is lovely!!!)

Aren’t they all so different?!?!

It’s difficult to be in love with such varying design styles (there are tons more I won’t mention here) – can you see why it feels like a fit of bi-polar (if not simply multiple personality disorder – apologies to any of my mentally-challenged rights advocates buddies in the audience)? How to make it all fit together?

I suppose it’s a wonderful thing that one’s style (clearly I put a lot of stake into style; others, notsamuch, which is cool – but I do feel that it’s a reflection of one’s inner self, and what better way to introduce visitors to your home to yourself than by saying “this is me!” with awesome curtains?) can change and transition through life as humans tend to naturally. While the inspiration that I find often leads me down the jealousy path, I’d like to *attempt* to focus on the positive direction on which it can lead me – “oh, I like that, how can I make that ‘my own’?” Especially on a budget.

It’s always a challenge. It’s an internal struggle, but it’s also an external one – if I’m changing my mind or flip-flopping on ideas all the time, how can I expect the hubs to even follow along let alone stay on board? And, honestly, it’s hard to discuss design with a guy. It just is.

So, for now, I’ll make my mood boards to see what direction life may take and see what comes of it. Thanks for coming along on this little field trip – I feel better. 🙂

Oh, pardon me! Where are my manners? Do you have a favorite? Or a style that you only wish you could attain? Do share! I love hearing what inspires others.

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