Cravings Thus Far

“Crave for a thing, you will get it. Renounce the craving, the object will follow you by itself.” – Swami Sivananda

And when a preggers lady renounces a craving, WATCH THE HECK OUT!

(Great. Now I totally want mint chocolate chip.)

Seriously, I haven’t been craving a whole lot. The first trimester, I had a few random ones, but mostly had nausea. No “actual” illness (luckily!), but lots of appetite-killing nausea. The urges are currently a lot milder when I get a craving, though. I think it’s due to the fact that I wasn’t eating much at all before, so when I finally WANTED something to eat, I’d jump at it immediately.

In all honesty, my cravings have mostly been junk food-related. Oh, the shame! This includes one trip to McDonald’s (yes, you read that correctly…I still weep over the treatment of the cow I ate), another trip to Taco Bell, and several other very much non-organic, non-natural choices. *sigh* Can we say Fruit Loops…or Jax with ketchup? (And I historically ate Jax; it’s not a weird pregnancy thing.) If you don’t know what Jax are…well, you’ll need to find out. They’re awesome!And, seriously organic Fruit Loops BETTER be in the works…which disappoints me about how processed some of these organic foods are, ick.

Pickles are a norm for me, so I figured I’d lose the taste for them during pregnancy. Nope! Still tasty to me. So, I eat organic versions of those. I snack on baby carrots (generally organic) and hummus, eat apples, nosh on organic low-fat mozzarella sticks, immerse my all-natural salsa with multi-grain tortilla chips, and dip into my Chobani strawberry Greek yogurt (occasionally with a handful of Grape-Nuts or Kashi cereal). I’m drinking close to zero caffeine (caffeine-free green tea, yes) and as much water and milk as I can currently stand. I’m sure the water’s still not enough, especially at this lip-chapped time of year, but I’m trying. I’m trying with everything I eat.

My meals are pretty normal, except for the occasional crapfest from a fast food joint (or even a frozen all-natural pizza – just because Paul Newman’s name is on it and they do their best to make it with less chemicals, it’s still horrible for you). I’d LIKE to eat more chicken and fish, but I’m lucky if I get one serving of each per week, just because I tend not to be hungry enough (and fish tends to make me a tad sick). At least I can stomach a simple salad again, ‘cuz for awhile there it was rough for my salad-eatin’ hubby.

So, that’s a quick update on what I’m eatin’. Exciting stuff, I know. 😉 In the beginning, I was constantly researching what we could eat (my poor mother had cut up an entire pineapple for me only to find out that it was on one of my “you’re askin’ for complications” lists…now I’m dying for it!) But, hey, considering that my grandmother had 5 successful pregnancies while drinking TONS of coffee and smoking LOTS of cigarettes, I guess I can’t mess things up too badly, can I? 😉

Anyone want to share cravings they’ve had while pregnant – or, for those who’ve never had a baby, what you’re looking forward to totally indulging in? 😉 What? It’s fun to dream!

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