Observational Anecdote

Just a short anecdote. Ha, me, short? Seriously, I’ll do my best. This encounter was overheard while in Cooperstown sipping a latte at our favorite Coop-cafe. I’ll let it speak for itself.

(At a nearby table: Two hyperactive, highly intelligent, borderline TOO confident teen girls are sitting trying to pry information out of a smaller, much quieter, normal teen male. Guessing they didn’t really know each other.)

Ring-Leader Girl: So, like, was your mom a big hippie back in the day? Because, like, our parents…
Boy (trying to answer the question): She. Actually. No.
Girl: Oh, really? Seriously. Do tell. Fascinating.
Boy: Actually, she was pretty normal. She went to Julliard, but she didn’t have much money, so it was really hard. She had to work…
Girl (interrupting): OMG, are you for real? Julliard? Seriously??!!
(girls squeal simultaneously)

           At this point, Dave and I are pretty impressed that THEY’RE pretty impressed by the Julliard fact. Hell, I was.

Other Girl: That is SO where Lady Gaga went!!!
Boy sighs deeply, shaking head.

I couldn’t stop laughing to the point where my husband, with a huge grin, insists that we leave immediately. I’m sure I was probably attracting attention, but GOD.

Oh, and I did research. Seems she didn’t go there. Aw, nuts.

2 thoughts on “Observational Anecdote”

  1. I love this. Plus I do this stuff all. the. time. And more than once, rob has given me the “stop listening” or “we need to leave” look because I've gotten to engrossed in some other conversation.

  2. Ha! So glad I'm not the only one who does this. 🙂 And I'm glad I ended up sharing it; I figured that only my sister and I would find it amusing. Proven wrong! 😉 Thanks!

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